The Seven Best Philadelphia Restaurants

The following is the list of my favorite restaurants in Philadelphia. Some are there because of amazing ambiance; others make their mark for the quality of food.

Dante & Luigi’s
One of the oldest and most successful of Philadelphia restaurants, it was established in 1899. The Italian immigrants used to dine at Dante & Luigi’s a hundred years ago. With its sepia-tinted photos highlighted with sunlight that streams make the place come alive, eating here is a fascinating experience. You will hear most food enthusiast in Philadelphia talk excitedly about Dante & Luigi’s because it is simply the best place as far as ambiance is concerned, and its food and service are second to none.

Butcher and Singer
Easily one of the best steakhouses in the whole country. Stephen Starr’s dream, it has luxurious surroundings and the service is equal to, or better than, any. The staff doesn’t just serve; they set the tone of the dinner and spread merriment and joy. The food is simply delicious and top-quality, while the menu does justice to both modern gourmet elements and traditional American fare.

Le Bec-Fin
This might seem slightly garish and feel a bit high-brow, but it’s very welcoming and caters to a wide range of clientele. Its 20-foot high ceiling support large crystal chandeliers, and give this place has a rather bright, but grand ambiance. The waiters, dressed in black, show how perfection can be improved upon. Its classic French menu offers the best French cuisine you can imagine; it’s the best place as far as food is concerned.

Ultra-modern interior and ingenious lighting make this place perfect for families as well as couples. Chef Masaharu Morimoto creates high-end Japanese cuisine that fits perfectly with the ethereal atmosphere generated by the unusual surroundings. Easily one of the best Philadelphia restaurants serving non-American cuisine.

Ristorante Panorama
You cannot hope for better service than this; it’s flawless. It has a formal dining area and this is the right place for big occasions or important business meetings. Chef Rosario Romano creates fascinating classic Italian cuisine. The bar is well-furnished and has more than 800 wines; you can the rarest of all premium wines, or you could sample something good that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Compared to other established Philadelphia restaurants, Sarcone’s is a relatively new joint. It opened in 1997 and is now counted among the top restaurants in Philadelphia. It gives a great dining experience, but is not as pricey as the other top-notch restaurants, and it serves the freshest and most delicious food.

Union Trust Steakhouse
This is how you spell GRAND. One of the oldest and most traditional of all Philadelphia buildings, it has plush dining are with stunning decor that highlights the building’s earlier role as a bank. Not the place for dieting enthusiasts, everything comes big out here. The menu gives contemporary touch the tradition menu of steakhouses and will leave you licking our fingers.