A List of Necessary Camping Supplies

Going out camping is a big deal. Getting organized and just trying to remember what gear to bring is one of the most difficult things about getting ready for camping. There are camping supplies here and there and you are not sure if you have indeed packed everything, as in everything you need.

You seem to always forget something. It may be helpful to keep a checklist of your needed camping supplies inside your pocket. Having a checklist in preparation for your trip would have to be the most important thing to do before going camping. This keeps everything organized and helps you make sure that nothing important is left behind. You can involve everyone in the making a checklist. Listing camping supplies could be fun and anticipative of the excitement you will get on your trip.

There may be a difficulty in making your list of necessary camping supplies. There are different kinds of camping. Survivalist camping is a challenge not to bring almost anything than the clothes you are on, and recreational camping is in contracts with the idea of getting the most comfort and luxury as having electricity while camping.

Other types of camping can also incorporate lots of other extra activities that need added camping supplies – swimming, rafting, grilling, or fishing. Since there are different types of camping, your needs of what to bring could also vary a great deal depending on your camping plans. To keep things easy, it may be beneficial to keep two lists of camping supplies, one for the basics and another one for the extras. The basics list would be invariable, while the extras list would be the flexible list.

Here, we are going to tackle about the basics list. Make sure you have at least the items mentioned below before packing the truck full of beer.

1. Tent. Even if you have a cabin to stay on, you probably still want to experience sleeping outdoors. Hence, a tent is a necessity. Determine your budget and needs first before picking one as there are an array of tents with various features and styles in the market. Just make sure that the tent is waterproof, lightweight, and easy to assemble. And make sure that your tent sleeps the number of people in your camp. You should also list down all the things you will be needing in setting up your tent, like stakes and hammer.

2. Sleeping bags. Don’t let yourself be folded in a ton of blankets inside your tent. And remember that some campers don’t get to bring tents with them, for instance those confined not to having enough camping space. Hence, a good sleeping bag is always a necessity for comfort.

3. Rainwear. Always anticipate the weather will be rainy. Having a good rainwear saves you from future discomfort.

4. Tarps. Tarps are good especially if you are eating outdoors and it is raining. Bring some rope too to tie them up.

5. Cooking utensils and portable grill or stove and fuel for a homier camping.

6. Bottled drinking water and high-carbohydrate food for nourishment.

7. Insect repellent, sunscreen, basic medicine, and first aid kit for safety.

8. Batteries, flashlight, waterproof matches, whistle, pocketknife.

9. Cleaning items like plastic bags, dishwashing soap, sponge, paper towels.

10. Personal necessities like soap, toothbrush, and towel.

Efficient, comfortable, safe. Have a ready bin of all these items even if you are not immediately camping. When the time comes it will be handy. You are sure of that.